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Fluff Reading

I also sometimes call this “guilty pleasure” reading. Why? What do I mean?

Sometimes I feel a certain pressure to read for quality. The classics, award winners, thought provoking books. Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy reading these types of books. However, sometimes I get in a reading slump and a heavy book full of symbolism or political undertones, etc. just doesn’t fit the bill. I have approximately 85 or so books on my bookshelves that I haven’t read. Yet, sometimes I’ll stand in front of them for minutes and stare trying to figure out what I’m in the mood to read. It makes me sad to admit that this has been a problem of mine for a few months now. I thought that once I was on break from classes, the kids were on summer vacation, and things relaxed around my house that I’d be able to dig my way out of this slump. Not so much. My solution has been to read some of the YA books that are on my TBR.

Tiger's Curse

I started with Tiger’s Curse and Tiger’s Quest. I could immediately tell that Tiger’s Curse was Colleen Houck’s first book. Her writing needed some polilshing. With Tiger’s Quest I noticed some improvement. However, I didn’t immediately feel compelled to go on and read the third book in the series. I may or may not pick it up at a later date.

The Selection

The I moved on to Kiera Cass’s The Selection series. I read the first two books in this series as well. They were just okay. I rated them three stars on Goodreads, but I really think they deserve 2 1/2 stars. It was mostly, I love him. No, I love him. Does he love me? I hate him. Now I love him. Can I trust him? Over and over.

Elizabeth 1

Being mostly disappointed in my reading choices here, I’ve moved on to Margaret George’s Elizabeth I and I’m really enjoying it. It’s the second of George’s books that I’ve read and I like her style. Writing from the 1st person point of view of Elizabeth I, George takes a lot of liberties with history. However, she throws enough actual events in there to keep me happy. I never get bored with the story and my only wish is that it was a smaller book so that it would be easier to read in bed. 😉

Have you read any of these books? Do you go through reading slumps and if so, do you have any advice for getting out of them?

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2014 National Tell a Story Day

National Tell a Story DayThis is a day that is observed in the United Kingdom but doesn’t it seem like it should be a day that’s observed all over the world? There are many cultures whose history was told and maintained in the oral tradition in the forms of mythology, folktales, and legends. This is a tradition that should continue to be passed down, generation to generation. My family has this book that is supposed to be comprised of tales from our history. I haven’t seen this book since I was a little girl, but I remember sitting next to my grandmother as she read some of the stories to me from this book. These are memories that every child should have and not just historical, familial stories either. Every child should have at least one memory of sitting on a father, mother, grandmother, uncle, etc.’s lap while having a story read to them.

The love of reading is born of a kernel of interest and nurtured to fruition through the love and guidance of other readers. This seed should be planted in the young and encouraged to grow throughout childhood, into adolescence, and given lots of water and sunshine through the tough teenage years.

I understand that it isn’t necessary for everybody to have the same hobbies and interests, but I truly feel sorry for those that don’t enjoy reading. There have been times in my life that if I hadn’t had a book to escape into, I don’t know what I would’ve done. A love of reading should be encouraged in everyone. Tell stories, share books, show someone around your favorite indie bookstore or library. Take today to reflect on what story telling means and how it has been meaningful in your life.

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What I’m Reading this Week: October 5, 2014

Weekly What I'm Reading

This is a combo post of what I read last week and what I plan on reading this coming week.

As I stated last week, I was determined to finish David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks and I did and you can read my review here:  My review of The Bone Clocks. Briefly I’ll tell you that I liked this book…for the most part.

I’m still reading The Spider and the Stone by Glen Craney. I’m sorry to say that it’s a slow go on this book but I am still reserving giving an opinion because I’m not far enough into the book to have one.

Trying to get into the spirit of Halloween, I read Grady Hendix’s Horrorstor. I’m definitely going to be writing a full review of this book this week, so no spoilers on that here.

Last of my “read” pile is Every Day by David Levithan. This was my first David Levithan novel and I read it all in one day if that’s any indication of how much I liked it. Not only did I love the story for itself, but I loved that it took me out of my comfort zone. More on that in a full review to come.

Book pile

This week, I plan on reading more of The Spider and the Stone. I really need to make a concerted effort to get into the meat of this book. I also started Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and I plan on starting Festive in Death by J.D. Robb and/or we were liars by E. Lockhart. Like I said in my TBR Pressures post, I don’t like to commit myself too heavily on what I plan on reading. I usually let my mood decide what I am going to pluck off of my bookshelves at the time I’m looking for something to read. That being said, I’ve really been looking forward to both of the above books so it’s a pretty good bet that I’ll read one or the other or both this week.

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The Obligatory Hello Post

I’ll make this an introduction of sorts. I’m Trisha. I’m a 30’something mom to two teenagers, one dog, and three cats. I’m very happily married going on 19 years. I’m turning into a lifetime student, even though that isn’t my intention. I’ve been attending college off and on since 2004. I’m currently attending Kent State University, long distance, studying to get my Masters Degree in Library and Information Science. I’m specializing in museum studies, hoping that I will be able to land a job in a history museum someday. I’m also one of those really annoying Americans that can’t get enough of all things European. Well, mostly British and Scottish history with some French Revolutionary history thrown in for good measure. My ultimate dream job would be to work in a castle or historical manor home as a museum curator in the UK somewhere.

On top of being a bibliophile, anglophile, and francophile, I’m also a crazy cat lady. I have three cats, Leo, Winnie, and Bean (short for NillaBean). I want more cats but my husband is doing his best to keep me from being the neighborhood kook.

Redneck Riviera

We live on Florida’s Gulf coast aka the Redneck Riviera. Our home flooded back on April 30 during that supposed “historic” rain storm that hit us. So far, no hurricanes though. ::knock wood:: I drink lotsa coffee and tea down here. In the air conditioning, of course. Oh. And wine. Don’t forget the wine.

Books and Tea

My plan here is to review books, post pictures of books, post book, author, and publishing news, and network with other book bloggers. I’m also entertaining the idea of linking with a booktube but I haven’t been able to push myself to that yet. I am one of those people that prefer to be behind the camera and not in the picture. I actually worry that if I die suddenly, my kids won’t have enough pictures to remember me by, lol.

I hope that other book bloggers will network with me here and everywhere else that I can be found on the interwebs (see the About Me page).