Review Requests

Please include:

  1. Your name or pen name.
  2. Email address
  3. A link to your website and/or blog (Facebook page works here too).
  4. Title and blurb about your book.

Disclaimer: Should I accept your book for review you will be asked for a copy of your novel in either print or eBook form (Kindle, Nook, iBook, PDF). Files are not shared with any third parties without the express permission from the author or publisher. I do reply to every email I receive and read every book I accept and review them in their entirety. I am not obligated to give any book, publishing house, or author a positive review in return for any materials or ARCs I receive. It is understood that this request is made acknowledging that an honest opinion will be given in return.

When possible, reviews will also be posted on Goodreads as well as this blog with links to the blog post shared on my Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. Other postings to other sites will be considered upon request.

Do not send me any part of your book, in file or in the email text itself. I will contact you by reply if I want to/ have time to review your book.
Do not give me an affiliate link for your book purchase.
Do not apply for a review if you do not want an HONEST review. I post what I truly think of the content, and although I will always finish and review the book I cannot guarantee that I will like them all.


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