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What I’m Reading Jan 24

As of today, I’ve read 12 books this month. I think I’m on a pretty good pace to meet my annual goal, especially for those occasional reading slumps that I get into throughout the year. Goodreads says that I’m eight books ahead of schedule. Woot!

Currently, I’m kinda sorta in the middle of four different reads. I say, “kinda, sorta” because two of them I haven’t touched in a couple months. Did you hear my sigh? I’m going to work from my most current read back. Click on the links to read more about the books. These are just my opinions of them so far.

The BookwormFirst up, I’m reading The Bookworm by Mitch Silver. This is a Netgalley book and I’m about 10% into it. I’m enjoying it so far. It has historical elements, mystery, and some violence to it. It’s also a little bit political, which makes me wary and we’ll see where Silver goes with that. It seems to bounce back and forth in time from 1940 to 2017 with the focus being on WWII, Nazis, and Russia. This is, according to my memory, my first book dealing with this subject matter. Where history is concerned, I tend to gravitate towards older stuff. Only being 10% into it, I haven’t formed a concrete opinion, but the character development is solid and the building of the suspenseful atmosphere is great.

The Bear and the NightingaleNext, I’m reading The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. This is a pretty popular book and I’m sure most everyone has heard something about it. I guess I wasn’t listening close enough because I didn’t realize this was the first book in a trilogy. Normally, I love trilogies and series, but I wasn’t looking to get into a new one, especially an unfinished one. That being said, I’m probably about 10% into this one too and I like it so far. Again, the character development and atmosphere building is great. It’s also a book set in Russia (what’s up with that??) but medieval Russia this time. I’ve found the storyline and characters compelling enough that I’ve been looking up names and events mentioned to learn more about this period in Russia’s history, of which I know nothing. The fantasy elements add to the story and have kept me engrossed in the book enough that I have to make myself put it down to do other things. I love the lyrical, mystical quality to Arden’s storytelling.

I’ve mentioned these next two books in a past post and because I haven’t actually gotten any further in them since that post, I’m just going to mention the titles here. I’m stillllll reading Monstress, Vol. 1 by Marjorie M. Liu and Queens of the Conquest by Alison Weir. The reasons why I’ve stagnated on these books are that Monstress just didn’t hold my attention and I haven’t had the time and focus to devote to Queens that it deserves. I’ll get back to them both, but I’m not sure when.

What are you currently reading? What do you do when you’re really enjoying a book but have put it aside for whatever reason? Do you still consider it a “current read”?

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What I’m Reading Oct 4

So, I decided to get back to blogging and then came down with the flu. I missed all of the Banned Book Week activities, getting started with Dewey’s pre-readathon challenge, and National Coffee Day. Talk about a major bummer. The only good thing to come of being a walking zombie is getting unlimited reading time in, guilt-free, which means I was able to start a few books while being laid up.

MontstressFirst off, I started a new graphic novel, Monstress, Vol. 1 by Marjorie M. Liu and artist Sana Takeda. I’m only a couple pages in, so I haven’t formed an opinion yet. The artwork, however, is impressive and compelling. I thought this graphic novel would be a perfect accompaniment for this time of year. From Goodreads:

Set in an alternate matriarchal 1900’s Asia, in a richly imagined world of art deco-inflected steam punk, MONSTRESS tells the story of a teenage girl who is struggling to survive the trauma of war, and who shares a mysterious psychic link with a monster of tremendous power, a connection that will transform them both and make them the target of both human and otherworldly powers.

grey mask Secondly, I began an eBook by Patricia Wentworth titled Grey Mask. It’s supposed to be a cozy mystery type of book. Set in London, post-war (I haven’t read any indications which war, but I’m assuming WWI. I could be wrong though. It’s really hard to tell from the context clues or lack thereof.) this is a tale of Charles, who has returned to his childhood home after being jilted by his fiance. His father has passed away and he’s returned home from abroad to claim his inheritance. Upon his arrival, he happens upon several uninvited guests in his house discussing some scheme or conspiracy. Deciding to remain hidden, Charles hires a lady detective, Miss Silver, to try and sort out the mystery on his own rather than go to the police.

I’m just short of halfway through the book and so far, it’s ok. The dialogue comes off as being written for a screenplay rather than a book so it’s different, but not hard to follow. The characters are a little one dimensional. I’m waiting to see if some development will occur as the story goes on. As for the mystery itself, I have no idea what’s going on, so I guess it’s a good one, lol. This is supposed to be the first book in the Miss Silver series, but it’s really hard to believe that an entire series is centered on Miss Silver whom we only see sporadically in the novel. She seems like a tertiary character rather than the main one. We’ll see, I guess.

Queens Lastly, I started Queens of the Conquest:  England’s Medieval Queens by Alison Weir. I am a huge fan of Weir’s and appreciate and respect her writing, opinions, and history that she imparts expertly about England’s monarchy. Her biography about Henry VIII was what started my journey into learning more about England’s history, which blossomed into learning about other nations and periods in history. Anyway, I’ve only just started this book and between being really tired and having to take notes on every page (because I can’t help myself), I’m only in the first chapter, lol. I’m enjoying it so far though and can’t wait to really get into the meat of it. Please click on the book’s title for a link to the Goodreads page. I didn’t want to include a lengthy description here.

How’d you bring in the month of October? Are you reading anything you’d recommend?

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What I’m Reading: Aug 24, 2016

I mentioned in my last post that I am currently reading five different books. I’ll tackle them in the order in which I started reading them.

Weekly What I'm Reading

  1. The Moving Toyshop by Edmund Crispin. My husband picked this book up in a bookshop in Oxford, England. It was one of those deals where the book is wrapped in plain brown paper with a brief synopsis tagged on the front of it. It was a fun way to buy a book in Oxford. The book isn’t bad. The dry English humor is great and it’s a very whodunit kinda book. From the beginning, however, it didn’t really grab me and pull me in. It’s just a little too cold and removed for my taste. I’m finishing it because we freaking bought it in OXFORD!
  2. Marie Antoinette’s Darkest Days: Prisoner No. 280 in the Conciergerie by Will Bashor. I had a really good rhythm going with this book. Sometimes, nonfiction history books can be hard to get into and to stay into them. Not really the case here. It’s well-written, interesting, and contains information that I didn’t previously know and it’s presented from a unique perspective. However, this book was interrupted by visiting family and I just haven’t gotten back to it. I only have a couple more chapters to go too. It’s irritating me.

  3. Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb. The jury is out on this one. I’ve picked it up and put it down a couple times. It’s not grabbing me, but everyone I know has told me that Hobb is awesome and a must read author so I’m not giving up yet. I’m only on page 57. It’s not quite time to dnf this book yet. I want to love it!
  4. The Sherlockian by Graham Moore. I’m reading this because I read and loved his other book, which I reviewed previously. Honestly though, this novel reads a bit slower and it’s definitely not a I-can’t-put -it-down kinda book. It’s not a bad book. I’m meeting interesting characters and getting to know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I’m thinking this book just has a steadier pace than some.
  5. A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle. So, it should be pretty obvious why I’m reading this one. The Sherlockian makes TONS of references to Conan Doyle’s writing, oddly enough (heheh), and I had been wanting to read this book for some time. I tried to resist starting yet another book, but I’m weak. I am LOVING it. Seriously, I was worried that it’d be slow and bogged down with 19th century English writing but it’s not! It’s exciting and a book that I am having a hard time turning off (I downloaded it to my Nook since it’s in the public domain.). The writing it snappy and the characters are complex. The story itself leaves you guessing. At least it did me. I just got into part two last night and have no idea where Conan Doyle is going with those first few chapters. Is there a point to the second part? One of the booktubers I follow said she skipped it. I dunno. Anyway, I loved the first part and can’t wait to read more of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Do any of these interest you or have you read any of these books? What are you currently reading?

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What I’m Reading: Midweek Update

Weekly What I'm Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about what I’m reading. I’ve been in a slog lately. I’m nearing the finish on The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I’ve been reading that book for a few weeks now. I know I just said in my previous post how I’ve finally started putting down books that don’t interest me, but this book is different. It had an extremely slow start, but chapters here and there would grab me so I kept reading it. Then, I was really disappointed with a sudden turn the plot took and had to let it rest for a few days. Now, I’m so afraid of how it will end, that I’m not pushing it to get it finished. I think I’ll probably be really relieved when I finally do finish it, lol.

Added to that bit of drama, two other books that I’ve recently finished, I just didn’t like. Neither one of them are in a genre that I love, so I don’t know what I was thinking other than they looked interesting from the title and blurb and they are on Netgalley. The first book I’m talking about is The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend.  The second book is The Little Bookshop on the Seine. See the theme? I feel bad when I thoroughly dislike a book as much I disliked these two and I feel doubly bad because they’re ARCs and I feel obligated to review them, warts and all. Reading, the past few weeks, has been a chore rather than something I’m enjoying. That’s not good.

I have awesome books waiting for me in my TBR and I really need to treat myself to something I want to read rather than ARCs that I have to read. Know what I mean? My assigned reading for my classes this semester is out of this world. I don’t remember having this much assigned reading in any of my literature classes, lol. So, when I manage to carve out time for leisure reading, it should be great reads in my favorite genres. That being said, I still want to fit in time to read galleys because, even if I end up hating the book, I still appreciate the opportunity to read ARCs. Blah, blah. I’m being contradictory and whiny.

What are you reading?? Inspire me!

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What I’m Reading

Weekly What I'm Reading

Sometimes, it’s still hard for me to believe that I’ve become one of those readers that is in the middle of several books at once. I think a lot of that has to do with becoming more lax about putting down a book that’s just not grabbing me. That’s not to say that the book is rubbish, just that it’s not what my mind needs to read at the moment.

I’ve been reading Elizabeth I by Margaret George for quite some time now. By that, I mean months. I pick it up, read it for an hour or so, and put it back down for several weeks, rinse and repeat. It’s a good book and when I read it, I enjoy it. When I pick it up, I get right back into it, no problem. Not sure why I’m having such a hard time finishing this one, to be honest.

Secondly, I’m reading In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters. Again, this is a book I’ve been reading for a looong time but it’s not my fault. I started this book as a buddy read with my daughter. We got to whatever point we were at, then she commandeered the book and I never saw it again. Turns out, she has an eBook version of this that she’s going to lend to me so I can finish this book. From what I got to read of it and from what I remember, I was really into it.

Next, I picked up The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima. We’ve had this book on our shelves for at least a year. I think my husband originally picked it out. One day, I was trying to find something in the high fantasy realm to read and this caught my eye and I figured, why not. I’m only on page 75, so I’m reserving judgement, but so far, it’s been a slow read and hasn’t really grabbed me. I think I’ve started and finished three or four books since I originally started this one, lol. I consider myself as “still reading” it because it’s not bad, per se, but I am hoping it gets better.

The Martian

Last, I’m reading The Martian by Andy Weir. I started this one  yesterday and will finish it today. I love it so far. I still haven’t figured out how it’s going to end, so I have to say so far just in case I hate the ending. He’s a human stuck on Mars. Seriously, the ending could go either way. Also, it feels ominous. I’ve had such a good time reading it so far, (I’m on page 267) that I want to love this book, but I’m a stickler about endings. It doesn’t have to be a happy kitty rainbows kinda ending, but if Mark doesn’t make it, Weir better have a damn good reason why.

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What I’m Reading: November 9, 2014

Whew! October was a busy month. I tried to stick to a publishing schedule for this blog since it was new and I wanted to ensure a good base of readers. Life often intervenes as I’m sure other bloggers will know. Not only was October a busy blogging month, but it was a busy reading month as you can see from my previous post. I also make a Booktube video for my October Wrapup. I haven’t uploaded it yet though. I attempted to and had an error and haven’t had a chance to go back and retry. It’ll be up soon, though. As for what I’ve been up to so far in November…

Weekly What I'm Reading

So far this month, I have read three books. Three books that are completely outside of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed all three.

9812288#1. Ellis Island by Kate Kerrigan. I believe this was a book that I downloaded off of a Bookbub recommendation, meaning I either got it for free or really cheap. It appealed to me because I absolutely love the time frame in which the novel takes place, 1920-1940 and I also like immigrant stories. I didn’t realize when I read it that it was part of a series until I got to the last page and was like, “That’s it?!?!? This is how it ends?!?!” Yeah. I chose to read this book at this time because I’m trying not to start any new series because of my book buying ban. I mean seriously. I don’t want to read book #1 and then be desperate to read book #2 if I don’t already own it, ya know?? Grr.

1629601#2. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart. As I said in my review of We Were Liars I really respect Lockhart’s writing abilities and talents. After reading We Were Liars, I wasn’t too sure about her storytelling abilities, lol. I absolutely loved The Disreputable History though. It needs its own post and review.

237209#3. In the Woods by Tana French. This is another #1 in a series, but from what I can tell, each book is a stand alone. This one certainly didn’t have a cliff-hanger ending. I don’t think I’ve ever read another “series” of books that didn’t follow the same characters throughout. This series seems to be all about the Dublin Murder Squad as an entity rather than a group of people. I’ll definitely read book two because I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

What I’m reading right now is VIII by H.M. Castor. Very excited about this book. It’s YA so I should be able to read it fast enough to get to Atonement by Ian McEwan this week. Both books are library books and due on the 12th. Eeek! I might have to renew either one or both because three days isn’t a lot of time to read two book.

How’s your November going?

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What I’m Reading: October 26, 2014

I had this post typed and ready to go except for inserting images and editing and Chrome crashed and I lost the whole thing. WordPress needs to have a periodic auto-save feature like Blogger has. Grrrrr!

Weekly What I'm Reading

I had a fantastic week of reading. I finished Gail Carriger’s Etiquette and Espionage and started and finished book two, Curtsies and Conspiracies. I loved them both. I wrote a review for both books over on my Goodreads account and may or may not expound on those reviews here on the blog.

The Book of Life

Also this week, I made a trip to the library. I visit various libraries in the area pretty regularly for school, but I haven’t actually checked out a book in about four years. This has to make me the worst Library and Information Science student ever. With my self-imposed book buying ban, the library is the only option I have for new books until the New Year. I’m really happy with my trip though. Out of the four books I checked out, I started with The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness. Usually, I would never borrow the third book in a trilogy when I have already read the first two. However, I have the first two as eBooks so borrowing the third was no big deal. I’m on page 100 and so far, it’s been a slow go. Lots of chit chat with little actually going on. I’m patiently waiting for it to pick up.

The Murder of Adam and Eve

I also started a new eBook last night. It’s The Murder of Adam and Eve by William Dietrich. I’m already familiar with his other works having read quite a few of them over the years. I’m definitely a fan and was really excited when I saw this YA novel as a “read now” on Net Galley. I just started it last night (late last night) and I’m already 20% into it. It was hard to put down and make myself go to sleep. Has anyone read this? There is only one review on Goodreads and I’m curious why it hasn’t gotten more. What about the cover? There’s something about it that I find striking. Maybe the colors?

This week, I anticipate finishing both of these books and have no idea which library book I want to read next. What do you suggest?

1. Atonement by Ian McEwan. This would be my first Ian McEwan novel. I really like the sound of the synopsis.

2. VIII by H.M. Castor. I’m am very intrigued by this book. I’ve read lots of books, fiction and non fiction, about Henry VIII but none that are in the YA genre too. I’m very excited to see how this book was written and compare it to other novels I’ve already read.

3. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart. Like I said in my review of We Were Liars, I admire Lockhart’s writing style so in order to give her storytelling another chance, I picked this book up. Also, it was the only Lockhart the library had at the time. Go ahead and suggest one.


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What I’m Reading: October 19, 2014

Weekly What I'm Reading

I really deviated from what I posted last week. WHICH IS WHY I don’t commit myself to a weekly TBR. I read what I feel like reading or else it becomes something other than fun.

Anyway, I said that I was going to start reading Z by Therese Anne Fowler but I nixed that in favor of starting Gail Carriger’s YA series, Finishing School. Book #1 is Etiquette & Espionage. I am so far, loving this book. It is so much fun and the way that Carriger immerses the reader in a steampunk world is fabulous. The reason for the switch was because Netgalley sent me a notification about book #2, Curtsies & Conspiracies being available to the first 500 as a “read now” so I jumped on it and got it! Woo!! I have book #1 from Netgalley as well, but I had bought a hard copy of the book several months ago. I figured I had better get to reading them so that I can do reviews for both books. Plus, having read the first three Parasol Protectorate books, I knew I’d love these YA and I do!

Ally Condie MatchedI did finish reading the entire Matched trilogy by Ally Condie last week. I definitely enjoyed reading all three books. I loved the dystopian world that Condie created and I really loved her protagonist, Cassia. I especially liked how the third book was told from three different points of view. I know that some readers don’t having the perspective changed, but I really feel it gives a book more depth when you get to see the story from several points of view. Also, first person pov is unreliable. When you have two other 1st person povs to back up the other, the reader can more easily see what is fact and be able to interpret the emotions of the characters based on how the other characters interpret the same events. Know what I mean? I also love these covers, lol. I definitely want to read more of Ally Condie’s work.

To conclude, my plan for this week is to finish the 1st Finishing School book and start/finish the second. After that, I’m going to say that I’ll finally get to Z but we shall see.

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What I’m Reading This Week: October 12, 2014

Weekly What I'm Reading

My husband is on an out-of-town business trip this week. Getting him ready for that and then getting him to the airport kind of took over things. This is the why behind the lack of posts and why this post in particular is late this week. Anyway, on to the show.

So, last week, I said how I was going to be reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Festive in Death by J.D. Robb, and we were liars by E. Lockhart. I’m happy to say that I finished all of that reading last week as planned. Reading we were liars was actually the result of a buddy read with Bookswithchai on Instagram. This was my first buddy read and it was fun. I’d love to do it again.

I’m not going to be doing a review of Festive in Death here on my blog. If you’d like to read my thoughts on the book, you can do so on my Goodreads account. Reviews for Fangirl and we were liars will be forthcoming.

This week I’m reading the Matched series by Ally Condie and probably by Therese Anne Fowler this week. has been on my TBR shelf for months. I love the time period and I really enjoyed A Paris Wife so I don’t know why I’ve let this novel collect dust for so long. If anyone wants to do a buddy read with Z, let me know.

What are you reading this week? Please share your current read with me in the comments. I’d love to read them and get new ideas for additions to my TBR!!

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What I’m Reading this Week: October 5, 2014

Weekly What I'm Reading

This is a combo post of what I read last week and what I plan on reading this coming week.

As I stated last week, I was determined to finish David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks and I did and you can read my review here:  My review of The Bone Clocks. Briefly I’ll tell you that I liked this book…for the most part.

I’m still reading The Spider and the Stone by Glen Craney. I’m sorry to say that it’s a slow go on this book but I am still reserving giving an opinion because I’m not far enough into the book to have one.

Trying to get into the spirit of Halloween, I read Grady Hendix’s Horrorstor. I’m definitely going to be writing a full review of this book this week, so no spoilers on that here.

Last of my “read” pile is Every Day by David Levithan. This was my first David Levithan novel and I read it all in one day if that’s any indication of how much I liked it. Not only did I love the story for itself, but I loved that it took me out of my comfort zone. More on that in a full review to come.

Book pile

This week, I plan on reading more of The Spider and the Stone. I really need to make a concerted effort to get into the meat of this book. I also started Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and I plan on starting Festive in Death by J.D. Robb and/or we were liars by E. Lockhart. Like I said in my TBR Pressures post, I don’t like to commit myself too heavily on what I plan on reading. I usually let my mood decide what I am going to pluck off of my bookshelves at the time I’m looking for something to read. That being said, I’ve really been looking forward to both of the above books so it’s a pretty good bet that I’ll read one or the other or both this week.