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Top Ten Hobbies

I’m not linking up with Top Ten Tuesday this week since I’m stepping outside the box and making up my own topic for today. Today’s Top Ten at the Bookish Korner is my top ten hobbies and/or interests that have NOTHING (very close to nothing anyway) to do with books or reading. As always, they’re not in any particular order.

  1.  sims-4 Video games. I’ve been a gamer since elementary school when we played The Oregon Trail on Commodore 64s. I admit, the older I get, the more narrow my gaming focus gets, but I still enjoy the occasional MMO and The Sims 4.
  2. Journaling/Planning. This is a relatively new interest of mine. I keep both a Happy Planner and a bullet journal. My Happy Planner is the way in which I keep my days, weeks, and months organized. I keep appointments, reminders, and tasks in it. My bullet journal is where I log my thoughts, how I’m feeling, gratitude, a habit tracker, and other things. I’m very new to bullet journaling so I’m still finding my way and figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t. This is something that I love about the bullet journal, if one thing doesn’t work that month or week, I can change it the next week or month or leave it out altogether. Click on either of the links I included in this paragraph is you’re interested in finding out more about bullet journaling.

    This is one of my earliest Happy Planner layouts in my old HP planner.
  3. Knitting and crocheting. Crocheting more than knitting though. Mistakes with crochet are so much easier to fix in my opinion. I make lots of mistakes, lol.
  4. Shelling. Collecting shells never gets old, even when you find a shell that’s like a dozen others you already have.
  5. Collecting pens. I’ve always loved stationary and the associated accessories. Recently, though, I’ve been buying pens based on their actual function rather than just how pretty they look in the package. Not that I still don’t buy pens because they’re pretty, lol. My next additions to my collection are going to be fountain pens. I’ve had them before but only because I liked how they looked and not because I actually knew how to use them or wanted to learn. Which brings us to #6.
  6. Hand lettering. Journaling/planning, pens, and hand lettering all go hand in hand. Planning came first, then the bullet journal. I joined a few groups, subscribed to some YouTube channels, found some blogs, etc. on planning/journaling and saw what other people were doing with it. I’ve always wanting to improve my penmanship and seeing the beautiful ways in which people were writing in their journals/planners, I knew I had to learn. It’s fun and a way to be creative.
  7. Sketching. Probably never something I’ll publicly share, but I enjoy sketching. I’ve never had training (if you can even call it that) outside of high school, but I’m aces at following along in books and now, YouTube videos.
  8. Writing/Blogging. Do I really need to elaborate here?
  9. Coloring. I’ve always, always, always, loved coloring. My crayolas were among my most prized possessions growing up. I was territorial over my box of 64s. Then, “adult coloring” all of a sudden became a thing and I have a fun collection of books and my Prismacolor Premier pencils are obsessively protected and I drool over them regularly.
  10. Makeup. Again, something I’ve been interested in for years. Decades really. I follow along with the trends and I’m pretty good at reproducing looks that I see others do that I like. I’d never in a million trillion years ever say that I’m even close to being on par with MUAs out there, lol. But I like to play around with makeup, different brands, colors, types, etc.


Bibliophile * INTJ * LIS Graduate Student at Kent State * Mom * Social Media Junkie * BuJo Enthusiast * Planner Addict * Did I mention, I read a lot?

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Hobbies

    1. I’ve tried keeping a journal/diary over the years and I think that I sabotage myself with it but putting too much stress on writing something *every* day. Also, in the past, I would write tomes about a single day, which was too much. Now, I’m more lenient with myself and I have something of a formula that I follow so that on days when I don’t feel like being too detailed, I still put something down in writing.

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