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Library News Roundup: Week of September 14, 2015


I’m kinda light on library articles this week. There were an overwhelming amount focused on the presidential debate and the Reagan Library. I did manage to find a few to share this week though.

Washington Township library launches Netflix-like service for movies, e-books

Another library entering the digital age. I love how they lead this story with “Netflix-like service”. I think that is a brilliant way of bringing more people to the library. Additionally, the library states that this feature “expands what the library currently offers” and that they don’t foresee a decline in visitors. I know I’m biased, but I think libraries, more so than almost any other entity, realize the importance of integrating new technology with the traditional. Their goals are to reach more people in their community with services that enrich lives and libraries know how to do so in ways that bolster their relevancy. Again, I know I have a biased opinion, lol.

Keep the Library, Lose the Books

And on the other side of the coin…First of all, this article references a Pew Research study again and again, but doesn’t provide a link or even cite it in any way. I, for one, like to read such studies for myself and make sure that the referencing person isn’t interpreting the data in a way that benefits their story. This is lazy reporting, in my opinion.

Secondly, this assumption, “Overall, perhaps people aren’t visiting libraries as much because their relationship to the printed word, still a library’s core offering, is dramatically changing,” ticks me off. I am a reader. I am able to appreciate literature in all its forms, as most people are able to do. eBooks have their place, but to make the assumption that the printed word is going the way of the dinosaur is, well, presumptuous. And scary. Who wants to live in an entirely digitized world???

The article goes on and on, as could I, lol. I invite you to read it and interpret it for yourself. The comments were pretty interesting too.

Driver’s License Kiosks Expand to Iowa Libraries

On a more positive note…This is fantastic! This is an excellent example of integration and providing community resources. People use the library as a resource for studying for their driver’s license test or use the library’s Internet access to renew their licenses. It just makes sense that the library would be a perfect placement for these kiosks.



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