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Library News Roundup: Week of August 31, 2015


The 10 Most Beautiful Private Libraries on the Market in NYC

Have a few million dollars to spare? That’s all it takes to own the private libraries featured in this article.

Berkeley Library Chief Quits Amid Furor Over Book ‘Weeding’

Who doesn’t love a good controversial story? Any library has a finite amount of space making weeding a necessary function of a library. The removal of books occurs for several reason, including an excess of needed copies, a title not circulating, or a title is damaged beyond readability to name a few. Most, if not all, libraries have a weeding policy that governs the process. It hurts my heart to think that Jeff Scott may have abused that policy and unnecessarily weeded 39,000 books out of the Berkeley Public Library’s collection.

Denver Library brews a month of craft beer, coffee and tea events

This is MY kind of library!! Seriously though, this is the type of event that allows the public to see that a library isn’t just for checking out books. Libraries educate and serve the public in all sorts of innovated, creative, and inclusive ways.

Little Free Library shaped like the TARDIS from ‘Doctor Who’, right in a Minnesota park

I absolutely love reading about Little Free Libraries. It tickles me how they are popping up in neighborhoods everywhere. I especially enjoy seeing the creativity that people put into the design of their LFL. Please, share with me any pictures or stories that you might have that are local to where you live.

La Jolla library opens biotech lab

This is so cool! You can go into this library and geek out on science. Some of the things this level 1 lab offers are DNA copying machines (and what the heck is that?!?!) and a 3D printer (really would like to get my hands on one of those). Again, this is such an awesome offering to the public and it’s FREE and such great PR for libraries.



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