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Coloring Books for Grownups

Coloring Page Mandala0001
My First Mandala

I’ve always been a huge fan of coloring. When I was a child (who am I kidding?? I still do this!) I was a little OCD about keeping my box of 64 crayons color coordinated. It used to peeve me when my little sister would put a crayon back in the wrong spot. As an adult, I get to revisit these childhood memories with the newest trend:  coloring books for grownups.

This growing trend was actually highlighted on CBS news on Aug 27th:

I find this pastime relaxing to the nth degree. There is nothing link concentrating on your current page, picking colors or a color scheme, and deciding which blank space to fill in next. Coloring is one of those activities in which you can totally lose yourself in it or you can keep one ear on the TV or on what the kids are doing. It’s also soothing. The rhythmic sweep of the pencil (or crayon) across the page quiets the mind and you get a positive feeling of satisfaction when you complete a page. This is also a fantastic way to unplug!! I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I just need a low-tech way to entertain myself and to unwind.

Another of my mandalas
Another of my mandalas

I have a nice stack of coloring books in my collection but there are always room for more! Right now, I’m coloring in books that are garden themed, various patterns, mandalas, and I even have a color by number that is full of sea life pages. I’d like to get the Enchanted Forest book next. Barnes and Noble has a nice write up about this new hobby and a wide variety of books to choose from:  Irresistable Coloring Books

I hope you’ll check out both of these stories and run for the nearest store to get yourself some coloring books and pencils or crayons. You won’t regret it!



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