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Would You Rather

would you rather books

This is a quiz from The Reading Room that I thought would be fun to turn into a blog post.

1. Would you rather spend the day with your favorite author or your favorite character?

I have an extremely hard time picking favorites. I’m not sure who I would pick in either category if the opportunity ever presented itself. I suppose I would pick favorite author though so that I could pick their brain about their writing techniques, inspiration, perseverance, etc.

2. Would you rather be in a fantasy book or dystopian book?

I would definitely pick a fantasy book. I don’t think I’m suited for a dystopian world/society. I like the familiarity of my world and all my creature comforts. I would totally give my right pinkie toe to live in Harry Potter’s world or any world with magic and fantastical creatures though.

3. Would you rather read only series or only stand alones?

This is easy. I love series of books…when done right. I think you get to know characters better and feel more immersed in their worlds when you are able to read a series of books. Stand alones are fine and I enjoy reading them too, but sometimes it’s so hard to say goodbye to a great story and wonderful characters. Series draw out your visit to those characters and that world.

4. Would you rather be with your favorite fictional love interest or your real world crush? 

I’m very happily married so I would pick my husband over a fictional character any day of the week.

5. Would you rather be a professional reviewer or a famous author? 

This is tough!! Both sides have definite benefits. On the one hand, as a professional reviewer, you get paid to read books and  your opinion would help shape the reading of others. On the other, who wouldn’t want to be a famous author? To be respected for your creativity and devotion to craft? To make a living doing what you love? BUT!! I have to pick so I would go with author. As a famous author, I would have the money to buy all the books I could find the time to read and still be a fantabulous writer.

6. Would you rather be Katniss or Tris? 

I wouldn’t rather be either of them, to be honest. I loved both series of books, but I wouldn’t want to live in a dystopian world and have to make the decisions and live the life these protagonists had to live. But, since I have to pick, I’d pick Katniss. I won’t say why because spoiler, but if you’ve read both series, you might be able to figure out why I picked Katniss over Tris.

7. Would you rather have a friend never return a favorite book or drop it in a pool?

I’d much rather just not have the book returned. I don’t want to see a book ruined for any reason. Even though I might no longer have the book myself, at least I could take comfort in knowing that it was living with someone else.

8. Would you rather have your favorite book become a movie or a TV show?

Most emphatically, a TV show. Movie scripts butcher books. Butcher!! In the name of saving time. A great example of a book to TV done right is the Outlander series. Some things have been changed in the show for the sake of continuity but it has remained amazingly true to the story, the characters, the setting, the essence of Outlander. I dare you to name a movie that has done the same justice to a book.

9. Would you rather have to dogear your pages or never be able to mark your place?

I don’t dogear my books. End of story.

10. Would you rather be a character in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

No contest:  Harry Potter.

11. Would you rather wait five years for the final installment in a series or get it now, but have to read every spoiler before you can start it? 

If you’re familiar with Outlander you know that Diana Gabaldon takes FORever to write her books. So what? They’re brilliant, well-researched, entertaining, immersive, lovely novels. I don’t see the point of reading a book at all if the whole thing has been spoiled before you read it. I’ll wait, thanks.

12. Would you rather be forced to read the last chapter of a book or watch the movie first? 

Hmm. A lot of the times, the last chapter of a book doesn’t really give all that much away. A movie, however, picks all the climactic points out of a book and puts them in the movie. I think a movie, even a sucky adaptation, would give away more than the last chapter would. I don’t like either option, but I’d pick reading the last chapter I guess.

13. Would you rather reread your least favorite book monthly or never be able to read your favorite book again?

Option A. It would suck, but I wouldn’t want to have my favorite book taken away from me forever. I’m a fast reader so I could read the awful book quickly and get it out of the way on the 1st of the month, lol.

14. Would you rather have unlimited free books for a lifetime or live inside your favorite bookstore?

Option A again. I’d rather own all the books than live in a bookstore. How uncomfortable and you’d have to deal with customers roaming your home every day. No thanks.

14 questions. What a weird number. I hope some others will take this quiz and run with it on your blog. I’d love to read your responses. Leave me a comment with a link if you do!!



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