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Mind Boggled: Harper Lee

People who profess to be fans of Harper Lee and her novel To Kill a Mockingbird should be familiar with her life, or as familiar as the reclusive author would allow one to be. From this pseudo-familiarity, one should be able to figure out that Harper Lee had little, if anything, to do with the publishing of Go Set a Watchman. Lee has said in the past that she didn’t want to compete with herself, hence, why she never published another book after TKAM. Why are “fans” so excited over the release of this new book? It’s like watching carrion birds circle over dying beasts below; this feeling that people are reading this book so that they can pick it over and criticize it, taking it completely out of context and not remembering the time in which Lee actually wrote the manuscript. It’s disturbing.

As you may have guessed, I have chosen not to read GSAW at this time. Taking into consideration everything I’ve ever read about Harper Lee and her current health and circumstances, I honestly believe she would never have approved the publishing of this novel. My husband brought up an interesting point when we were discussing this last night:  Lee’s estate would have published the manuscript the second after Lee’s passing anyway. It’s publishing was an inevitability. I believe this to be true also. The lengths and depths of people’s greed as well as the narcissistic behavior of the average human is endless.

Harper Lee is an elderly lady, in an assisted living facility, nearly deaf and blind. We should be taking care of her not taking advantage of her infirmities.



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