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Short and Sweet

You ever wonder where that idiom comes from? Short and sweet. Why do those two things go together?

Anyway, I uploaded my first booktube video last night. I don’t want anyone to watch it. It’s awful. It took me hours and hours to get through it and it still ended up being awful. I have gigantic hangups about being in front of a camera. This is the only reason why I didn’t take the video down is because that would just feed into my neuroses.

Secondly, I started my first buddy read today. I have no idea what the “rules” for doing a buddy read are, so I’m letting my buddy lead the way. We chose to read We Were LIars by E. Lockhart basically because it was on both of our TBRs and we both already owned a copy. I’ll keep you all posted with how this goes.

I was also tagged in my first Instagram tag yesterday. It was the #shamefulbookishconfessions tag.


My 1st tag! Thanks @patriciacrowther78 Here goes and I hope I don’t get too many hates. 😉 1. I can’t stand Stephenie Meyer. I think her writing stinks. 2. I’ve never read any John Green and don’t have any plans to do so. 3. I’ve read all the 50 Shades books. I also thought they were fun. 4. I’ve also read 50 Shades of Alice in Wonderland. Heheh 5. I judge people who don’t like to read. 6. I hated The Lovely Bones & regret reading it. 7. I am not one of the people who think trilogies have been overdone. 8. I don’t like Stephen King as a person and I gave all of his books away and won’t read another. That’s all I can think of. Don’t judge me too harshly. #shamefulbookconfessions #booknerdigan #bookworm #books #reading

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Lastly, I had a very brief Twitter interaction with author Gail Carriger yesterday. I totally squealed and I had to show it to everyone including you guys!! 




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