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TBR Pressures

Community Spotlight

I’d like to make today a community spotlight day. What this means is that I will pick a book blogger, booktuber, or bookstagramer and spotlight their profile and then delve into one of their topics and/or posts and/or photos and/or videos.

For my inaugural Community Spotlight Post, I have chosen to profile a booktuber. Our first booktuber is MercysBookishMusings. At the time of this posting, she had 7,386 subscribers and 275,798 views. I don’t remember how I found her booktube channel, but I am so glad that I did.

Mercy does a great book review. She talks about the characters, plot (without spoilers) and an author’s writing style, covering all the things that I critique myself in a book review. What I especially like about her videos is that they are straightforward book talk. There is nothing wrong with the booktubers that like to perform in their videos, it’s just not my cup of tea. I prefer booktubers who talk like you’re having a conversation with them and not like they’re coming at you with their exuberance and Mercy is a fantastic book conversationalist. I also love her bookshelves that act as a backdrop for her videos. Color me jealous.

Mercy recently uploaded a video discussing her current reads (I believe she’s in the middle of something like 15 or 16 books) and her TBR list/pile. She talked about how when she vlogs about how many books she is reading and how many books are on her TBR that she feels a ton of pressure to whittle those books down. Then that pressure makes it so that it’s hard for her to read and then it becomes this vicious cycle of pressure. I can totally relate to her experiences. I’ve been blogging for ten years and whenever I feel the pressure to stick to a schedule, meet the demands of a blog challenge, and/or meet the demands of a reading challenge (in other cases) it makes me want to hide which causes me to fall farther behind. The same thing when I have an especially big paper due for a class that I’m not sure how to start. I avoid the assignment until I start losing sleep at night (literally) and then it becomes this huge burden on my shoulders that I end up writing at the very last minute because rather than break it down and attack it in small pieces, I avoid it altogether until I’m down to the 11th hour. So, I can understand how Mercy feels a certain pressure to read and thus, keep up with her vlogging demands.

My solution to this is that while I do have a TBR list/pile, I don’t set myself a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reading goal. Reading is my escape. It’s pleasure. It’s travelling to new cities and countries. It’s meeting unique characters. If I put pressure on myself to read a certain amount of books in a certain amount of time, reading becomes a task or even a chore. Yes, I keep records of the books that I own that I have yet to read and a list of the books that I want to read but don’t own, but I use those records as references. Am I trying to pick out my next read? Well then, I consult my “to-read” shelf on Goodreads to see what’s what. Am I out shopping at the Barnes & Noble or my favorite used books store and can’t remember if I’ve already bought a certain book or not? Then I consult my “need-to-buy” shelf on Goodreads. I don’t allow either shelf to become an ax above my neck. It actually makes me a little giddy to look at my bookshelves at home and think of all the books that are waiting for me to read them. No kidding. Sometimes, I stand in front of my shelves and hug myself as I giggle maniacally. You can ask my husband.

Do you allow TBR pressure in your life? How do you avoid it? How do you deal with it? Make sure and visit Mercy’s YouTube channel at MercysBookishMusings 



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